butternut soup

Delicious Butternut soup Recipe

This homemade butternut soup is a simple, authentic meal that will fill you up! Not only is it creamy, but …

apple banana smoothie

Apple banana smoothie

This apple banana smoothie is thick, creamy, delicious, and quick to make with readily available ingredients. Not only that, but …

tangerine banana smoothie

Delicious 3 minute tangerine banana smoothie

This tangerine banana smoothie is exceptionally creamy and nutritious in a way you will not find in other smoothies. Perfect …


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phone and earphones

5 wellness podcasts to listen to right now

We all know there’s YouTube, Tiktok, and even Trending Reels these days! But one thing I can’t do without is …

chewing gum stuck on a shoe

Self-care when you’re stuck

When you’re stuck: There’s no doubt that we can all find it difficult to be busy or productive at certain …

carrots, lettuce, lemon, and mandarine

8 Tips to help stay healthy on a budget

Let’s face it, we all want to stay healthy. And what we eat and the activities we engage in are …


3 toddler dresses

5 affordable places to shop for kids clothes

Finding good yet inexpensive children’s clothing can be a bit of a challenge. Here are 6 places to buy kids’ …

stay at home mom to a working mom

From a stay at home mom to a working mom

stay-at-home mom to a working mom. Even if some of us do not like it: there …

a toddler

Morning routines with toddlers

Let’s start by saying that it’s never going to be perfect, mama! Sometimes morning routines with …


woman at the beach

9 ways I’m practicing self-care this summer

It’s summer, babe! You’ll probably be seeing the word “summer” until the end of August. So today, we’re talking about …

pink flowers

5 tips on how to beat Sunday scaries

Sunday scaries mean to be afraid or worried about what might happen in the coming week. …

sandles, sunglasses, and a summer hat

Things to do during summer (2021 summer bucket list)

Yes, summer is here. And if you live in a country where the winter season is …

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Gift guide

The official 2021 holiday gift guide for her

Gift Ideas for her as we continue enjoying this holiday season. With these gifts, or rather, these gift ideas for …

winter boots, slippers, scarf, spray, shaving set, winter hat, belt
Gift guide

Best gift ideas for him

The holiday season is here. And one thing you can do to show your appreciation to the person who has …

apple mandarine smoothie

Apple, mandarine, and kiwi smoothie

An easy, quick, and delicious apple and mandarine smoothie. Do not forget to dice a small peeled kiwi to add …

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