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sandles, sunglasses, and a summer hat

Things to do during summer (2021 summer bucket list)

Yes, summer is here. And if you live in a country where the winter season is frigid and long, then …

good vibes, good life book

Thought of the day(3 quotes for reflection and inspiration)

Speaking of the “thought of the day”, reflect on life, show gratitude, and enjoy the little things in life. Here …

yellow flowers on the ground

5 Ways to spring clean your life

Spring is here, and it’s not just about house cleaning. Here are five great ways to help you spring clean …

Smoothie recipes


pregnancy and baby name book

4 things during the first year of motherhood

I did not wait until my first year of motherhood was here to learn. Instead, I found myself researching everything …

mom and baby

5 positive affirmations for moms

Without trying to scare a young lady who’s not yet a mother, or even a new mother, let’s talk about …

basket with baby toys

5 tips to stay organized with a toddler

Stay organized with kids. Sometimes I say having a toddler or kids comes with a mess, lol! Maybe I’m exaggerating, …


pink and white pom pom basket

DIY pom pom basket

An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a pom pom basket! I did this little DIY project for my …

Nails with red nail polish

The at-home manicure and the essentials you need

There’s no doubt that a beautiful manicure can’t be missed if we want to look good. …

flower bracelet

DIY flower bracelet

I keep saying it: there’s nothing better than owning something you made yourself! I always like …


a woman, dumbells, and a yoga mat

5 tips to help start love to exercise

Most of the time, we find ourselves hating to exercise. Maybe you’re one of those people? Here are five great …

phone and earphones

5 wellness podcasts to listen to right now

We all know there’s YouTube, Tiktok, and even Trending Reels these days! But one thing I …

chewing gum stuck on a shoe

Self-care when you’re stuck

When you’re stuck: There’s no doubt that we can all find it difficult to be busy …

Must Read

mom and baby

5 motherhood life lessons I have learned since I became a mom

Five motherhood life lessons to help moms out there see motherhood positively and embrace what comes with motherhood. There’s no …

mom and baby

5 Ways to embrace motherhood

Motherhood compellingly changes an individual. Here are five fantastic and helpful ways to help new moms embrace motherhood. As much …

How to overcome the fear of starting something new

How to overcome the fear of starting something new

As we head into 2021, I know many people are preparing their New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions might be to …







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