5 must-haves for fall

Autumn is here. And the weather is changing. That means your wardrobe is changing, too. Here are some of the 5 fall must-haves, or what you would prefer to call fall wardrobe-essentials.

boots, leather jacket, bag, sweater and jeans

I bet you this is my favorite blog post. Moving away from smoothies and motherhood, I’m introducing a new category. That is, style or, as we all like to call it, fashion. I’m sure every girl will love it.

I’m starting with the fall must-haves to kick off this ‘new’ topic.

This includes a list of shoes and clothes that make up a functional fall wardrobe.

I realize that we all focus our fashion curiosity on summer, but I think that even in the cool and rainy season, it’s good to add a little touch to your style.

To me, that doesn’t mean expensive. But simply knowing what’s needed during the season, what suits my body, and what color goes with what color.

Autumn officially started eight days ago, but I hope I’m not sharing this with you so late. Or can I defend myself with the adage ‘better late than never? Lol!

All in all, I hope you enjoy this post, and it helps you remember what you may have forgotten when planning your fall shopping.

Fall wardrobe essentials

Note, even though I use terms like “essentials” and “must-haves,” that doesn’t necessarily mean you MUST HAVE THEM.

I understand that we are all different and that our sense of style and priorities are different.

TIP: Consider the weather where you live, your lifestyle, and your style aesthetic when deciding what you need to add to your wardrobe.

So, let’s dive in!


If I were asked what other name I should give to autumn, I would call it sweater weather. After enjoying sleeveless tops and dresses for a while, it’s time to stock up on sweaters.

Sweaters come in all shades, but I prefer a thick, cozy black, brown, or white sweater. Sweaters are great because you can wear them with almost any pants, and they look great on their own too!


Jeans have been and are an essential item of clothing for many decades.

Ankle boots

Nowadays we can talk about all kinds of boots, thigh boots, over-the-knee boots, you name it!

But when it comes to my fall must-haves, I’m not leaving out the so-called ankle boots. They can easily be worn with jeans or a dress and tights, and there are thousands and thousands of styles to choose from.

Leather jacket

This versatile garment is a must-have when the temperatures turn cooler. A leather jacket – real or faux – is an absolute must on the cusp of cold weather. It is a chic accessory to complete any outfit and the most stylish and versatile way to keep warm when the chilly fall temperatures arrive.

A comfortable bag

When I think of comfortable bags, cross-body bags usually come to mind.

As a mother of a toddler, it’s clear that I’d instead put my hands somewhere else than hold a purse. This is where cross bags come into play.

They are chic, easy to use, and stay in place (shoulders, back, or waist) while you run your errands.

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