7 must-haves for fall

The arrival of autumn has been announced. And the climate is shifting. This implies that your wardrobe is adapting. Here are some of the SEVEN fall must-haves, or what you would refer to as autumnal wardrobe-essentials.

I’m positive this is my preferred blog post. Apart from smoothies and motherhood, I’m launching a new topic. That is, style or, as we all like to call it—fashion. I’m sure every girl will love it.

I’m beginning with the fall must-haves to initiate this’ new’ category.

This encompasses a roster of shoes and clothing that constitute a practical autumnal wardrobe.

We all direct our fashion inclinations towards summer. Yet, I contend adding a bit of flair to your appearance is beneficial even in the colder and rainy season.

To me, that has no bearing on the cost. But simply being aware of what is called for during the season, what looks good on me, and what colors match.

Even though autumn began eight days ago, I hope I’m not sending this to you too tardily. Or can I defend myself with the adage ‘better late than’? Lol!

Ultimately, I trust that this post will be entertaining and informative as you devise your autumn shopping list.

Fall wardrobe essentials

Remember, even though I employ expressions such as “necessities” and “must-haves,” that doesn’t necessarily imply that you MUST POSSESS THEM.

I am aware of the fact that our tastes and priorities differ.

Tip: Consider your regional climate, habits, and aesthetic preferences when choosing new clothing items.

So, let’s dive in!


I would dub autumn ‘sweater weather’ if I was asked to give it another name. After indulging in sleeveless tops and dresses for a time, it’s time to hoard sweaters.

Sweaters are available in various colors, yet I favor a thick, comfortable black, brown, or white sweater. Sweaters are a versatile wardrobe staple as you can pair them with various bottoms, creating a fashionable look on their own.


Jeans have been and are an essential item of clothing for many decades.

A less warm boot

Today, we can converse about various boots, such as thigh boots and over-the-knee boots.

But honestly, during fall less warm half boots do the miracle. Instead, they can be matched with jeans or a dress and tights, and there are countless and countless of styles to pick from.

White sneakers

White sneakers are a must-have throughout the year, and are an ideal accompaniment to an informal autumn ensemble, be it leggings or a proper pair of jeans.

Leather jacket

When the temperatures become nippy, this multi-purpose clothing is a must-have. A leather jacket, genuine or simulated, is essential for the onset of cold weather. It is a stylish finishing touch to any look and the chicest and most adaptable way to stay warm when the chilly fall temperatures arrive.

A comfortable bag

I think of cross-body or cute shoulder bags when I consider comfortable bags.

As a mother of a toddler, it’s evident that I’d prefer to use my hands for something other than carrying a purse. This is where cross bags come into the picture.

They are fashionable, user-friendly, and remain firmly in place (shoulders, back, or waist) when attending to your chores.

I also love a cute girly backpack that I can use when I need more space.

An oversized blazer

To conclude, a stylish blazer. A blazer is possibly the most valuable item you can include in your autumn wardrobe. Remember: A blazer can make an athleisure outfit suitable for running errands. It can also transform a t-shirt and jeans into something special for a night out with friends.

Pro tip: Opt for white or camel shades for the blazer. With black underneath appears a trifle old-fashioned.

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