5 tips on how to beat Sunday scaries

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Sunday scaries mean to be afraid or worried about what might happen in the coming week. It can involve anything from sleep to work.

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When you’re trying to juggle studying, blogging, motherhood, and other wife duties, it can undoubtedly be a problem at any time. Which, now that the weekend is over and I have no one to help me during the day, I might wonder if I’ll be able to accomplish my goals or if I’ll be able to get things done Monday through Friday! Or if I will be able to work out and keep up with my fitness routine!

So far, I think you can relate. Maybe you’re also with me and wondering how I’ll even start the week ahead? Will I be able to do my job well and keep it up? E.t.c

But, dear reader, whatever it may be, don’t give up. Try these tips instead, and hopefully, you’ll be able to restore your good mood for the rest of Sunday.


We all have a maximum of two days (Saturday and Sunday) off from work or any routines we follow from Monday to Friday.

I think it’s ideal for making those days as enjoyable as possible by spending them switching off from any distraction. Turn off any notifications that might provoke the Sunday jitters. Avoid Emails or alarms as much as possible.

Not only will this improve your mental health, but it will also help you physically. You will get peace of mind, hence get enough rest.

Have a schedule

In scheduling and planning lies power.

There is no site you haven’t seen always insisting on having a schedule or plan. And so is Zipporah Brathen.

I’m one of those who believe that you have to plan things to work accordingly.

Maybe all you need to overcome your Sunday scaries is to write down a plan of what you want to do in the next week, what you want to start with, and how you want to proceed.

And once you make your schedule a habit, things will become easier and, therefore, less anxious.

Know your capabilities

I always say it’s good to know what you’re capable of. That way, you don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do things you can’t accomplish or finish.

Would you please not force yourself to get everything done in one day?

If possible, split your work or activities into different times or even other days to avoid stress or pressure when it comes to getting them done.

Let Sundays be special

This is one of the two days during the week when you at least have free time.

Treat it like it will never happen again. I always say it’s like a short vacation. Therefore, treat it like one.

Get out, get some fresh air, do some self-care, DIY, or whatever other hobbies you have.
This way, you can recharge so you can start the week with positive energy.

Identify the causes

Sometimes all we need to combat something is to understand what the causes are.

And to your surprise, that can be just the cure and empowerment you need to face it.

If you know the causes and it still seems complicated to overcome them on your own, share them with someone. That other person may have had the same problem and can help you by sharing how they overcame it. And if not, they can still give a word of encouragement to help you feel less anxious and get back on track.

After reading this, letting Sunday scaries take over you isn’t the answer. Try conquering it with these tips, and have a great week!

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