5 wellness podcasts to listen to right now

We all know there’s YouTube, Tiktok, and even Trending Reels these days! But one thing I can’t do without is listening to podcasts. More specifically, wellness podcasts. They not only help nourish your body, mind, and soul but also leave you inspired.

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One thing that makes podcasts so addictive is that you can go about your activities while listening: even for those who dislike multitasking.

I like to listen to my favorite music while cleaning, cooking, or walking.

I have found them to be an incredible resource for learning.

Since we are here to inspire, inform, and bond, I thought sharing five of my favorite wellness podcasts would be ideal. Hopefully, you can be inspired by listening to these podcasts!

Wellness podcasts

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet if you don’t know. This is by downloading to a computer or mobile device, usually in a series whose new episodes can be received automatically after subscribing or following.

1. The blonde files podcast

The blonde files is a podcast hosted by Arielle Lorre.

It focuses primarily on achieving optimal health, well-being, and fulfillment through meaningful conversations with experts and inspiring guests.

One thing that makes it special is the distinctive voice and unique honesty that make you feel like you’re getting the latest information from your best friend, and her wide-ranging interests make this show a must-listen for anyone who wants to live their best life and look good doing it.

Don’t we all want to live well and happily? I think your answer is a yes, hence one of the wellness podcasts that is worth it listening to. You can listen to her podcast here.

2. Be well by kelly

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Kelly LeVeque writes, “I intend to give you all the good (and none of the bad) about nutrition: the positive insights, the tools and tips to help you feel good and be healthy, and a dose of motivation; to keep you going.”

And that’s what I felt I got every time I listened to this podcast.

Talk about food, nutrition, dealing with hormones, and health and wellness; you’ll find it all on Kelly’s podcast.

3. Everyday wellness

Everyday Wellness Podcast is hosted by a mom known as Cynthia Thurlow! Not only that, she’s a wife, a nurse, and an expert on intermittent fasting and nutrition. That alone inspires me and makes me realize that motherhood is not the end of dreams. You can still pursue your dreams and healthily balance it all.

The main goal of this podcast is to help listeners make simple changes in their daily lives that will lead to better overall wellness and long-term health.

Here is my favorite episode, and I hope you can listen to it.

4. Feel better live more

Have you ever heard something that empowered you to take charge of your health? Well, this podcast is perfect for just that.

5. On being with Krista tippet

The genius life is a significant wellness podcast for anyone interested in nutrition and learning more about eating to optimize your brain, be more productive, and even feel better.

Max, the owner of this podcast, gets to the heart of complex science by incorporating personal tales and a sense of humor.

His guests are some of the best experts in medicine and science who focus on healing with food, ancient herbs, and common practices.

Unto you

Do you know of any other wellness podcasts that you would recommend? Please share them with us in the comment section below.

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