8 Tips to help stay healthy on a budget

Let’s face it, we all want to stay healthy. And what we eat and the activities we engage in are factors that determine our health. But, on the other hand, keeping your plate nutritious and your body going isn’t cheap. So I’ve put together eight tips in today’s post to help me, and you stay healthy on a budget.

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Tips to stay healthy on a budget

1. Plan your meals

No doubt planning your meals will help you save some money.

That is, know precisely what you need and the exact portions.


 show that meal planning is associated with healthier eating and less obesity. Data like this tells us that meal planning is very important.

Not only that, it saves your sanity too! If you plan your meals every week, you will feel less stressed.

2. Cook at home

You may know that I take great pleasure in home-cooked food.

After all, when you cook at home, you save a lot of money on carb-heavy meals like pasta or pizza, and you save the most on protein-heavy meals compared to ordering out at a restaurant or getting ready-made meals.

So, my dear reader, if you too want to save a few coins and stay healthy on a budget, please try this tip, and you will see a difference.

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3. Stick to your shopping list and avoid impulsive buying

I know it can sometimes be harder, especially for those who like shopping, but it’s worth trying.

It’s very easy to get distracted at the grocery store, leading to unwanted purchases and choosing something you don’t want to include in your diet.

Make it a habit to start with the store’s back (and stick to your list). This is to avoid wandering around and seeing what you were trying to avoid.

As a rule, try to store in the outside areas of the store first. There are usually whole foods there, and you’re more likely to fill your cart with those items first.

Also, when you’re in these lanes, look at the shelves from top to bottom rather than straight ahead. The most expensive items are usually at eye level.

This way, you can save some money and stick to your list.

4. Use leftovers

Making use of your leftovers is something you may have come across. It’s not good to throw away food.

As long as it has not gone wrong, do not be afraid to serve it and eat it. You can also come up with your recipe using the leftovers and some extra ingredients.

5.Try cheaper brands

I don’t think it’s just me who’s not so crazy about brands, especially when it comes to products where I can’t tell the difference.

And honestly, if there’s no difference, why not go for it.

6. Walk the streets in your neighborhood

While we are staying healthy on a budget, let us not neglect to talk about taking a walk.

Walks are one of the healthiest activities you can do.

So make sure that you walk for at least 30 minutes every day, and remember that this doesn’t necessarily have to be in a particular park where you might have to pay an entrance fee.

Just make use of the trails in your neighborhood, and you will still reach your goals.

7. Use what you have to exercise

Gone are the days when we believed that you had to go to a gym to stay fit.

If you can afford it, have the time, and need it, do it!

But if it’s not necessary or you are struggling to raise the amount of money to go to a gym, you don’t have to.

For example, if you have stairs around you, run up and down them to keep fit. Turn that old tire into one of your workout tools at home.

8. Take advantage of free apps

And finally, on tips to help you stay healthy on a budget: free apps.

We live in a century where you can get almost anything online. E.g., free workout apps that can help motivate you and give you ideas about which exercises are right for you.

Some of them are Adidas Runtastic and Daily Yoga.

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