A letter to my daughter

I couldn’t fathom the thought of writing a letter to my daughter. Here are some things I wish she would learn and remember as she grows up.

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Today I thought of making something special for my dear daughter Synnøve. And since I always like to share something you(fellow mom) can relate to, I thought it would be good to share it as a blog post. “A letter to my daughter.”

A letter to my daughter Synnøve

Dear Synnøve,

Today it’s exactly one year, two months, and 24 days since you joined Papa (or Dada, as you like to call him) and me.

My prayer is that God keeps you long and allows you to read this and understand the joy you’ve brought to our home. You’re not only a daughter to me but also a best friend.

I enjoy all the times we spend together, the smile you put on my face, and the hope you give me every day to keep going.

As I write this, I can’t thank you enough for bringing out the person in me. You gave me confidence and the drive to do what I want. And you want to know how you do that? Well, every time I wake up and look into your shining eyes, I see the reason to pursue my dreams, to be the woman I was meant to be, and to work hard for you.

On the other hand, there’re a few other things I’d like to say to you. First, this is to teach you how to master the ways of life as you grow.

A letter to my daughter ( Things to know)

  • Love yourself and accept who you are.
  • Love those who love you, even those who don’t.
  • Be kind and generous to all.
  • Never be afraid to pursue your goals.
  • Nothing in this world is easy to achieve, but with hard work, hope and prayers, you’ll get there.
  • Never let anything or anyone put you down.
  • Always be humble.
  • Respect others.
  • Never stop smiling because you are a strong girl.

Always remember: Mama loves you!

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