Zipporah Brathen is a lifestyle blog covering Life, Wellness, Smoothie recipes, and much more. Motto: Inspire, Inform, and Bond.

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Here, at Zipporah Brathen, it’s a place to connect, share tips, and empower each other.

Zippy founded Zipporah Brathen.

Through her own experiences, she saw the lives of other mothers. All of this gave her the idea to share being a mother with other mothers via the internet! She thought of the one or two moms out there who have no one to talk to and would be happy to come across a blog like this (Zipporah Brathen) that would lift them by motivating them, accepting their mistakes, and sharing helpful tips.

Mom, wife, and blogger. Humble, social, and fiercely multi-passionate about making a positive impact where I can!
Editor at Zipporah Brathen

But not only that, as we women are interested in many things. And that’s why you’ll come across other topics like wellness, smoothie recipes, DIY, and much more in our daily lives. All with one motive: to Inspire, Inform, and Bond with you.

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Random FAQS about Zippy

  • What’s my passion?

Being true to myself, happy, and leaving a positive impact on other people’s lives!

  • What’s my horoscope sign?


  • What are my hobbies and interests?

Well, they call me a multipotentialite- I have lots of hobbies! That is, Sports, Reading(Inspirational books), Penning down my thoughts, making smoothies, inspiring, and doing some DIY projects (You’ll see them in the blog).

  • What’s my strength?


  • What’s my weakness?

I always have a hard time letting go of a project.

  • What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness to me means being at peace with the past, optimistic about the future, and enjoying the present, and that includes all the little things we might sometimes take for granted.

  • Where do I see myself in 10 years?

Still having a relationship with you via Zipporah Brathen’s blog.

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