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Hellow There!

Welcome to the Zipporah Brathen Lifestyle blog, a small internet corner I created (Zipporah).

This little form of my book came started as a healing corner, comfort zone, and as a friend when I had no one to talk to apart from my husband BrĂ„then hence Brathen, to make it easier for you!😍

I had just moved to a new country, with no friends or family around, and at the same time, I was pregnant with my little SynnĂžve!

Even though I had thought of starting a blog a long time before that, I think this was the best time. So writing about what I enjoy, appreciate, and have a passion for, became my second friend (Mr. B and little S come first)!

Here at Zipporah Brathen, you’ll come across topics such as comfy and affordable fashion, smoothie recipes I enjoy as part of my daily routine, wellness which I am passionate about, and other things to inspire and inform and bond with you!

Random facts about me

Horoscope: Taurus.

Education: Business studies and Fashion design.

Hobbies: Reading, working out, cooking, cleaning, and organizing + shopping😁.

Interests: Wellness, food & fashion.