Motherhood is the state or experience of having or raising a child. You and I share moments, tips, and even bonding through mother life experiences here. Let’s embrace it and empower each other.

  • toddler in a pool

    9 toddler summer essentials

    Here are 9 toddler summer essentials. We are already on day 3 of June: and the theme everywhere is “summer.” So it’s getting warmer and warmer every day, and all we want to do is get our kiddos outside. For example,…

  • motherhood in norway

    Motherhood in Norway

    May the journey of opening up continue, lol! Those who have been following Zipporah Brathen may have an idea where the woman behind this blog lives! Well, Zippy lives in Norway. Today, in this post, I bring you a story about…

  • baby holding a white envelope

    A letter to my daughter

    I couldn’t fathom the thought of writing a letter to my daughter. Here are some things I wish she would learn and remember as she grows up. Today I thought of making something special for my dear daughter Synnøve. And since…

  • a baby touching books

    Fun activities for 1-year-olds

    Here is a list of five fun and practical activities for 1-year-olds or toddlers. Help them entertain themselves and stay active. Note: They are activities for 1-year-olds and easy for you as a mom. It wasn’t long ago that my daughter…

  • mom and baby

    Motherhood confessions

    Here are motherhood confessions. If you’re a new mom and struggling with the new lifestyle, they’ll help you understand that you aren’t alone. Dear moms, no need to beat about the bush. But, to be clear, or not to be misunderstood,…