• smoothie and raspberries

    Banana raspberry smoothie

    This delicious and refreshing Banana Raspberry Smoothie is made with simple and readily available ingredients. And oh yeah, it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare! Perfect for a quick sip in the morning, afternoon, or as a snack in between.…

  • banana pineapple smoothie

    Banana pineapple smoothie

    My love of smoothies inspired this banana pineapple smoothie recipe. That is, always looking for what to blend and enjoy such a tasty homemade drink. Summer is drawing to a close. And since we are in the mood to talk about…

  • mango watermelon smoothie

    Mango watermelon smoothie

    Ooh yes, another watermelon smoothie! You only need three ingredients for this mango watermelon smoothie, and you’ll have a quick and easy breakfast you’ll love. By now, it’s no secret that watermelon has become my absolute favorite summer fruit. I can…

  • watermelon and a smoothie

    Delicious watermelon strawberry smoothie

    A delicious and refreshing watermelon strawberry smoothie perfect for warm days. All you need is just four ingredients, prepared in 5 minutes. It’s warm… and as the countdown to the end of summer days is on, we cannot miss sipping this…

  • strawberry spinach smoothie

    Strawberry spinach smoothie

    Strawberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe. It’s not only tasty but also healthy. This season I’ve resolved to consume more and more spinach. After all, it’s a season of warm weather, and the plants are growing well right now! I want to fuel…

  • crouton salad

    How to make a delicious crouton salad

    Crouton Salad is a delicious salad you’ll love. They say better late than never. So I took a picture of this crouton salad on Saturday when we had a picnic. I intended to share it with you, but something always came…