Your fellow salad lover shares simple salads to enjoy for lunch or anytime you got some salad cravings!

  • yellow pea salad

    Yellow pea salad

    What else could beat this yellow pea salad? Just toss some tomatoes, coriander, cucumber, yellow peas, and red onion, and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to dress with olive oil, salt, and pepper for taste. Yellow pea salad is one…

  • avocado, cucumber, sweetcorns, and tomatoes

    5-minute avocado cucumber salad

    A simple, delicious, and healthy avocado cucumber salad that’s perfect for lunch. Or any time you are in the mood for a salad. If you love avocados, this is one of the best ways to eat them! This avocado cucumber salad…

  • crouton salad

    How to make a delicious crouton salad

    Crouton Salad is a delicious salad you’ll love. They say better late than never. So I took a picture of this crouton salad on Saturday when we had a picnic. I intended to share it with you, but something always came…

  • tuna, cucumber, onions, and parsley

    Healthy tuna salad for lunch

    Are you looking for a healthy and quick recipe to make for lunch or even breakfast? Here’s a complete and straightforward way to make a tuna salad. Are you like me, in the mood to keep fit, stay healthy, or increase…