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5 must-haves for fall

Autumn is here. And the weather is changing. That means your wardrobe is changing, too. Here are some of the 5 fall must-haves, or what you would prefer to call fall wardrobe essentials. I bet you this is my favorite blog post. Moving away from smoothies and motherhood, I’m introducing a new category. That is, …

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pink and white pom pom basket

DIY pom pom basket

An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a pom pom basket! I did this little DIY project for my daughter’s nursery. This cheerful and colorful DIY pom pom basket was made in one evening, and all you need are three things. Since I was a young girl, I’ve always liked to make things myself. …

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flower bracelet

DIY flower bracelet

I keep saying it: there’s nothing better than owning something you made yourself! I always like to make something when I have time, and one of them is DIY jewelry. Usually, it’s a few simple things that never go out of style. So in this post, I will show you some tips on how to …

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tassel bracelet

How to make tassel bracelets

There’s no doubt that tassel bracelets are popular in boho style and trending in other styles. Especially now in summer, many of you may have seen these bracelets and wondered how to make them! You may think it’s hard to make tassel bracelets, but I bet you’ll be surprised by the end of reading this …

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cowrie shell anklet

DIY cowrie shell anklet

Summer is here. And cowrie shell anklets are among the most popular or hip things you should add to your style. A cowrie shell anklet is a popular beach ankle bracelet style among travelers and surfers around the world. A cowrie shell anklet easily enhances any summer outfit. No matter you like a certain kind …

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