DIY flower bracelet

I keep saying it: there’s nothing better than owning something you made yourself! I always like to make something when I have time, and one of them is DIY jewelry. Usually, a few simple things never go out of style. So in this post, I will show you some tips on how to make a flower bracelet yourself.

flower bracelet

This kind of bracelet is easy to make and colorful. So, dear reader, why don’t you make them yourself, especially during the warm season when you want to show off your accessories slightly.

And who knows, maybe it will become your hobby too!

So, have fun with your step-by-step guide on making a DIY flower bracelet.


  • Seed beads: – color and size of your choice. You can choose a few here.
  • Some clear nylon cord will fit in the holes of the beads. Here are some options.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Gold beads: – for a bit of style.
  • A needle to thread the thread effortlessly.
beads, nylon cord and scissors

DIY flower bracelet

Step 1: Attach your needle to one end of the thread, as shown below.

thread and a needle

Step 2:Thread on a few seed beads. Probably 8-10. The number of beads depends on the length of the belt and how many flowers you want to make.

You can mix your favorite colors. I just played with blue and white.

Then add other 4-5 beads (of different colors) followed by a gold ring. (see picture below)

beads and thread

Step 3: Now, pull the thread back and thread a bead on to create a flow (see photo below). (Make sure everything is pulled together well and is as tight as possible.

beads and thread

Step 4: Add three more beads before pulling the thread back to the other side to finish your flower.

beads and thread
beads and thread

Make sure the beads are in place and well-spaced if needed.

Step 5:Once this is done, add more beads before forming the next flower, preferably the same number and color as before making the first flower, to create a beautiful and uniform flower bracelet.

flower bracelet

Step 6:Repeat the same steps (steps 3 and 4) to form your second flower.

Step 7: Continue with the same steps until you reach the desired length.

Step 8:When you are finished, pull off the needle and tie the cord tightly to finish your flower bracelet.

flower bracelet
flower bracelet

And there, you made yourself a flower bracelet!

white, blue and red flower bracelet

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