DIY pom pom basket

An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a pom pom basket! I did this little DIY project for my daughter’s nursery. This cheerful and colorful DIY pom pom basket was made in one evening, and all you need are three things.

pink and white pom pom basket

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always liked to make things myself. That included opening our little radio and fixing it when it had problems. Lol!

Sometimes I would have my ideas and designs, and other times I’d see something in a store or catalog and say to myself… “I can make that for less than half the price.” That’s exactly what I did this week for a pom basket I made.

The inspiration came from the urge to decorate my daughter’s room with something new. I know there are pom baskets for sale, but why not make your own if you can.

What I love about homemade projects is the good feeling when you look around and see your creativity and hard work.

pink and white pom pom basket

How to make a pom pom basket

As I mentioned earlier, all you need is three supplies. That is;

  • Yarn (color of your choice)
  • A pair of scissors
  • An affordable basket from your local shop
2 baskets, 2 yarns and scissors

I used small skeins of yarn from eBay for my pompoms, but you can use any other type of yarn you prefer.

Instructions on how to make a DIY pom pom basket

First, you need to make the pom-poms.

  • It will help if you start by wrapping your yarn somewhere. Often this is done using cardboard, a pom-pom maker, a fork, or even your hand. So since you can use your hand, I did not put that in the list of supplies. But if you are having a hard time, just cut up some cardboard that’s not in use right now.
  • When I make my pom-poms, I always ask myself if I should make them complete or a little loose. And I think the same is for you. So if you need fuller pom poms, wrap the yarn a little more around your hand or a cardboard box. So, for example, I wound my yarn 150 times to make them not so full and not so loose.
  • Carefully remove the wrapped yarn from the hand/cardboard. Bring some string under the yarn and tie it very tightly around the middle of the wrapped yarn.
  • Hold the yarn tied together on its side and cut the loops with scissors. Then repeat the process on the loops on the other side of the pompom and check to see if there’re any uncut loops left in the cut yarn.

Alternatively, you may choose to cut the loops on the cardboard, as I did this time. Carefully lay the cut yarn on a flat surface and pull a long string underneath (make sure it’s in the middle). Tie it together to make a pom-pom.

  • Now comes the fun part—the trimming of the pom-pom. To ensure everything is trimmed evenly, shake the yarn a few more times as you shape it into a ball.
pom pom and scissors

Attach the pom-poms to the basket

Following the example of the supplies we had, all you have to do here is slide one of the two strings around the pompom into an opening in your basket. Place the second string in another opening. Then, just below the first, tie the strings into a knot on the inside of the basket.

white pom on a basket
one white pom pom basket

Alternatively, you can use a glue gun to attach the pompoms, as shown here.

  • Repeat the same steps to make another number of pompoms.
pink and white pom pom basket

And there, you have your DIY pom pom basket!

If you find it hard and still would like a pom pom basket, there are affordable baskets here and here.


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