Does a perfect mom exist? I don’t think so!

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Does a perfect mom exist? I don’t think so!

Often I have come across “how to be a perfect mom,” and I couldn’t contain my feelings.

When I read something like this, I feel pain on behalf of all the other moms out there. The reason: I put myself in the shoes of this first-time mom who is struggling to adjust to motherhood. Also, in the shoes of the young girl who may have just gotten pregnant on the street, without a mom to teach her what it’s like to be a “perfect mom.”

A woman holding a baby

We live in a time when social media has taken control of everything. Most of us young moms feel pressured to be like what we see and read online.

As much as we want to encourage each other to embrace motherhood, let us also be realistic. Motherhood is challenging and overwhelming.

Forget what you see in movies and on Instagram. As a mother, I’ll sometimes have a messy home. This is because everything had to wait while I take care of my little one, I have to practice self-care later than planned because another “boss” is around, or I’m just in a bad mood because I had a busy and hectic day. But those are some of the things you’ll not see online.

All you see are “perfect pictures” around clean and sometimes filtered backgrounds. Note my words, not all, but on the other hand, it negatively affects others.

Dear mothers, let’s not be carried away by the desire to be like others.

You may not get it from every mom, but I bet we all have those days when we feel like it’s too much and we end up grumpy.

The story’s moral is let’s not get lost in the fantasy of being a “perfect mother.” As I like to say, the best version of you is YOU. Believe in yourself, stay who you are, and do the best you can for your children.

"We live in a world that has so many people striving to look normal to a bunch of people that are abnormal, in order to be accepted. What is normal is realizing that being accepted comes at a price that robs the world of the uniqueness that God has created you to be every time you minimize your personality to make someone like you."

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