Egg and Lettuce sandwich

Are you looking for a delicious and quick recipe to help you in the morning? Here is a quick and easy recipe for an egg and lettuce sandwich.

egg and lettuce sandwich

There’s no doubt that an egg and lettuce sandwich can’t miss in the list of the easiest sandwiches to make.

How to make an egg and lettuce sandwich


How do you make an egg and lettuce sandwich? Just crack

  • 3 to 4 eggs
  • clean up two large lettuce leaves
  • have some burger sauce/ mayonnaise (optional) on hand
  • cervelat or salami
  • Cinnamon and/or black  pepper

Heat your frying pan to medium heat.

Brush the pan with 1 teaspoon of olive oil or other oil to prevent sticking. Once it’s hot enough and ready, add your beaten eggs. Immediately place your two slices of bread on top. Place them parallel to each other.

egg and bread

Spread your spices ( cinnamon/black pepper) on it.

Then, after about 2 min, flip to heat the other side. Now, place the lettuce leaves on the felt surface of the bread slices. Place the cervelat on top of the lettuce, and after that, spread with your sauce or mayo, as shown in the picture below.

lettuce, cervelat, burger sauce

At this point, the other side is most likely already cooked. Turn off the heat. Fold your sandwich in half with the lettuce leaves sticking together.

There’s your egg and lettuce sandwich! I hope you enjoy it.


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