Five ways to wear denim shorts for summer

If there’s one wardrobe piece I can’t resist this summer: a great pair of denim shorts! Not only because they are versatile pieces for warm weather but also because they go hand in hand with many things. Hence, today’s post teaches us how to wear denim shorts as we enjoy this summer.

how to wear denim shorts

Previously, I mentioned in the shirt dress post that they could go well with denim shorts. But did you also know that they also go well with simple essential items you might already have in your closet?

For example:

1. With some basic tees!

Fitted T-shirts in soft organic cotton are a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe, especially in black and white, which you can use with almost every other piece in your closet.

white tee with denim shorts
black tee with denim shorts

2. With a button-up shirt

Denim shorts can go very well with a long or regular-length button-up shirt.

3. With an oversized blazer

Simple and stylish. Just throw that favorite oversized blazer on top of the outfit with a basic tee, and you have already upgraded to another different fashionable look.

oversized blazer with denim shorts

4. With a tank top

Mmmh! Another tip on wearing denim shorts is pairing them with tank tops. This is a straightforward fix: Tuck in your top and add at least one other point of interest, be it a belt, a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, or beaded bracelets which are also popular during summer; you’ll remain stylish.

tank top with denim shorts

5. Denim shorts with a sweater

denim shorts with a sweater

Putting together a sweater with denim shorts is an excellent pick for a casual and fabulous ensemble. If you’re wondering how to perk up this look quickly, go for a nice pair of nude slides or wedges. The combination of a sweater and denim shorts makes for a cool off-duty perfect.

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