Here you’ll find some quick and simple recipes for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies/drinks, plus some food stories.


summer bbq

Summer bbq and grilling

The sun is shining, and it’s getting warmer day by day. I can’t think of anything better than a barbecue! Do you feel the same …

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strawberry spinach smoothie

Strawberry spinach smoothie

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe. It’s not only tasty but also healthy. This season I’ve resolved to consume more and more spinach. After all, it’s a …

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spinach mozzarella omelet

Spinach and mozzarella omelet (perfect for breakfast or brunch)

Have you asked for the easiest and most delicious egg breakfast? Well, I have it for you! Today, I’m sharing how to make a spinach …

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butternut soup

My Delicious Butternut soup Recipe

Are you looking for a fancy or more of a way to make soup? Well, here’s one – the butternut soup recipe. Is soup a …

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crouton salad

How to make a delicious crouton salad

Crouton Salad is a delicious salad you’ll love. They say better late than never. I took a picture of this crouton salad on Saturday when …

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detox tea

Delicious detox tea for your morning

Are you looking for a tasty recipe for a healthy tea? Well, look no more. Here is a 5-ingredient detox tea/green tea recipe with ginger. …

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orange-mint infused water

Delicious orange-mint infused water for summer

Learn how to make this orange-mint-infused water in just five minutes. It’s an ideal drink to detoxify your system and also add some flavor to …

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strawberry chia smoothie

Today’s smoothie (Strawberry chia seed smoothie)

Strawberry Chia Smoothie. A simple and delicious smoothie that you will love to make yourself. As you may have noticed, someone here is addicted to …

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