Here you’ll find some quick and simple recipes for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies/drinks, plus some food stories.


strawberry spinach smoothie

Strawberry spinach smoothie

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe. It’s not only tasty but also healthy. This season I’ve resolved to consume more and more spinach. After all, it’s a …

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spinach mozzarella omelet

Spinach and mozzarella omelet (perfect for breakfast or brunch)

Have you asked for the easiest and most delicious egg breakfast? Well, I have it for you! Today, I’m sharing how to make a spinach …

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butternut soup

My Delicious Butternut soup Recipe

Are you looking for a fancy or more of a way to make soup? Well, here’s one – the butternut soup recipe. Is soup a …

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crouton salad

How to make a delicious crouton salad

Crouton Salad is a delicious salad you’ll love. They say better late than never. I took a picture of this crouton salad on Saturday when …

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detox tea

Delicious detox tea for your morning

Are you looking for a tasty recipe for a healthy tea? Well, look no more. Here is a 5-ingredient detox tea/green tea recipe with ginger. …

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orange-mint infused water

Delicious orange-mint infused water for summer

Learn how to make this orange-mint-infused water in just five minutes. It’s an ideal drink to detoxify your system and also add some flavor to …

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strawberry chia smoothie

Today’s smoothie (Strawberry chia seed smoothie)

Strawberry Chia Smoothie. A simple and delicious smoothie that you will love to make yourself. As you may have noticed, someone here is addicted to …

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pineapple mint water

Pineapple mint infused water

This pineapple mint water will not only add taste to your water but also help detox your liver and help you lose weight. Let me …

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