From a stay at home mom to a working mom

stay-at-home mom to a working mom.

Even if some of us do not like it: there are many reasons why you may end up being a stay-at-home mom. But it can also be a little challenging to become a working mom. This post brings you a few tips to make this phase easier.

stay at home mom to a working mom

As I’ve already mentioned, there’re many reasons. Mine, for example, was that I had to stay home for a while because I had just moved, was taking language courses, and had a pregnancy that was not easy and needed some time to recover even after the birth.

Even though this was my story, I’ve also met moms who stay at home for other reasons


But that’s not so much our concern. I mean. Suppose you have no other choice. But one fact is that transitioning from stay-at-home mom to working mom can be difficult.

I know that from personal experience.

I think it was a day or two after I wrote a post about my morning routine that I had to go back to work. As a result, I have changed that morning routine. (I’ll share the new pattern soon).

I had my first challenging week and tried different tips to make things easier, and I’m finally getting there instead of the transition. Hence this post.

I’m sharing these tips with you if you find yourself in the same situation or share them with another mom.

Remember, as you scroll through this post… the word perfection shouldn’t be anywhere close to your mind. Sometimes, when trying to get used to new routines, things do not go as expected: (which has happened to me too). So if things do not work out one day, don’t give up. Stay focused and try again.

5 tips to transition from a stay at home mom to a working mom

Note: This can be when you are transitioning to working away from home. or working from home.

1. Get up early

This is the one trick I always discuss when talking to another mother.

Why? Most of the time, you hear moms complain about how hard it is to find time for anything once they have a little child or while raising toddlers at the same time. Let me point out that I’m not exempt from this. I find myself in such a situation sometimes too. So strike the word perfect when you read this.

But with a bit of effort, habit, and routine, everything seems a little easier.

For example, if you are preparing to be at work at 7 am like I am, try to get up before your child. Use that time to shower, pack your lunch, say a prayer, eat breakfast, and do anything else you need to do.

This will enable you to feed and prepare your child after waking up without stress or much effort. And you make sure you did everything right and most likely didn’t forget anything.

2. Plan well where to have your kids while working

For example, where I live, you can take your child to kindergarten as soon as they are a year old. Others prefer to have a nanny in their home or even a family member take care of their children.

Whichever method you prefer, it’s good to plan so you do not end up rushed or confused at the last minute. This leads us to our next point…keep scrolling.

3. Make sure its works for them before getting back to work

Even though most kids adapt quickly, sometimes things do not go smoothly.
E.g., the child and the nanny do not get along, or you do not like the new kindergarten due to many factors.

So let’s assume this happens as soon as you start working. Be sure that one thing isn’t going to go right. Whether you are self-employed or employed, you’ll be forced to interrupt your work or miss a lot while figuring out how to make things work for your child.

I put my daughter in kindergarten long before I went back to work. That way, I could be sure I was happy with her when I headed out and was busy for 8 hours.

I also used the tactic of being with her for about an hour in the first few days, gradually increasing the kindergarten hours as we developed a routine.

4. Plan house chores and meals earlier

When we talk about transitioning from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom, housework is not to be missed!

As a stay-at-home mom, even if you can’t get all the chores done in one day, you still can do something while your kids are sleeping or relaxing.

But once you start working, you’ll probably have 8 hours or more available for something else. So that leaves you just a few hours to split up to rest, play with your child, do household chores, and do other tasks.

Yes… You can guess, yes, it’s hard! But again, planning and effort. Also, do not forget the word delegation.

If possible, plan your week when you are relaxed on the weekend. Determine what tasks you’ll do each day after work and even before creation.

If you have older children, you can ask them to help with simple tasks. Or you can also ask your partner for help. But again, this help is just a bonus. If you are alone, do not get stressed out. YOU CAN DO IT, MAMA!

Plan well and do not expect to get everything done in one day because that will lead to disappointment.

Here are 12 household organization apps that can help you (from The Family handy Man).

5. Prepare what to do and wear in the morning the night before

Self-explanatory. Get what you want to wear out of your closet, iron the night before if necessary, and write down what you have to do on a simple piece of paper in the morning. This will save time, prevent forgetting and make your morning easier.

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