Fun activities for 1-year-olds

Here is a list of five fun and practical activities for 1-year-olds or toddlers. Help them entertain themselves and stay active.

Note: They are activities for 1-year-olds and easy for you as a mom.

a baby touching books

It wasn’t long ago that my daughter turned one year old. And since I’m thrilled with what a big girl she has become, I’m always looking for new and fun things for us to do together.

Dear reader, if you’re reading this, you may be a mom like me. Wondering what to do since your baby is up and no longer enjoys lying on the couch! Well, I feel you.

Every time I notice my daughter is so restless, I think, “Gone are the days when she could just lay on our grey couch, and I can do so much more.” Mind you; I’m not complaining about this new “lifestyle.” I mean life with a toddler, but honestly, it’s another phase where us mamas can go nuts!

Even though that might be the case, I always say, “Momma be strong, because that’s what you were drawn to do.” That means bringing that beautiful and innocent soul into the world and taking good care of them regardless of what your emotions might be!

Hence, today’s article. I’m going to share my “to go” activities for 1-year-olds, and I hope you can learn a few tips.

1. Sing or play some music

When I was reading all about babies before I became a mother, I came across that babies are born with a sensitivity to the basic elements of music and process them in the brain. Well, I bet that didn’t make sense until she was here. I just found myself singing unconsciously.

I think at one point or another; you’ve tried that too. Maybe to help them sleep or calm them down from a bad day.

This time, it’s about music to entertain them. Sing them a song that will get them up and dancing. Or put on some lively music from your radio or another device. Believe me; sometimes, this works wonders.

2. Let them join you during your house chores

For example, as you can see from the picture above, I had her come to clean up our hallway.

It often happens that we parents find ourselves pushing our children away, so they don’t touch this and that. Can I be honest with you? Well, don’t think that I’m perfect. There’s no perfect mom on this site. I found myself pushing her away too. But when I realized how much she liked helping me and comforted her with how I did things, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Dear Mom, get out whatever can be broken or whatever you’re struggling with, the fear of being destroyed, and let your little one “work” with you. This is not only keeping them entertained but also helping them learn things around.

3. Give them toys that make sound

Still with me on activities for 1-year-olds? Great! If you read this article from CBS News, you’ll learn that toys that make noise effectively get children’s attention by activating their orientation reflex. If your child has toys like these, they’ll learn to recognize the style and sounds that each toy makes. And they’ll have a blast playing with them!

4. Take them for a walk

a baby walking

Unless you live in a cold country, as I do, we are advised to take our babies outside more often. I think it helps our kids control their weight and strengthens their legs, feet, and arms. But it’s also fun for them. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that they quickly adapt to what’s going on and want to walk more and more. This is also a good time for you as a mom to watch your baby’s milestones.

5. Read a book with them

Speaking of this, I can’t forget to thank her (her nurse). When she was about 4-5 months old, she encouraged me to read books to her. She told me how it helps with development.

Little things like that that we get advised in baby clinics or even from other moms are worth trying. We have no idea how helpful they can be. From this, I’ve learned that it’s not just about development, but your baby can be exciting and entertaining.

As for you

Do you have any other fun activities for 1-year-olds or toddlers in general? Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion section below, and I look forward to learning your tips.

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