Here’s another green smoothie for your fitness routine

You will find delight in this avocado spinach smoothie! This vegan breakfast is high in protein and ideal for fitness and wellness devotees.

green smoothie

Whenever green smoothies are brought up, I am confident I know what you are thinking. Health, vitality, and all the well-being-related matters. Green smoothies are replete with wholesome vegetables and fruits to appease your palate and cater to your nutritional requirements.

Here, one can discover an assortment of green smoothies, one of my favorites being this one, but the thing that makes today’s smoothie exceptional is the *avocado*. Many despise the taste of bear avocado, yet I implore you to sample this avocado spinach smoothie. Adding mango pieces complements the delightful flavor of the avocado. Doesn’t that seem inviting?

This avocado spinach smoothie will show that bananas are not a must for a creamy smoothie. Furthermore, the smoothie will still maintain some of its sweetness.

The avocado spinach smoothie is an ideal choice for those of you who have a tight schedule in the morning. It requires only a minimal investment of time to prepare. Doing so can preserve time in the morning and guarantee you get the nutrients required.

Ingredients in this avocado spinach smoothie

mango, avocado, spinach, kiwi, and milk

Fresh mango- Mango and avocado make an incomparable smoothie. The mango’s zest, combined with the avocado’s smoothness, creates a delectable flavor. Mangos can help maintain your digestive system.

Skim milk- Choosing the foundation for your smoothie is essential for keeping the calorie count low. Despite a preference for water in most of my smoothies, I opt for skim milk, a low-fat variety.

Baby spinach- Undoubtedly, this vegetable is an excellent addition to any smoothie. If you’re looking to up the nutrition in your smoothie, adding a few cups of spinach is a great way to do so!

Avocado- Avocados can be a creamy supplement to any smoothie recipe or a non-dairy ingredient to add smoothness to fruit or vegetable blends. Hence perfect for this green smoothie.

Kiwi fruit- Another nutritious fruit. Bursting with vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium, kiwi is a powerhouse of health. Kiwi not only has a stimulating effect on metabolism but also rectifies digestion.

How to make avocado spinach smoothie

Disinfect your fruits and vegetables and skin those necessary. Place all items into a powerful blender and pulse at the most intense speed for a few minutes. Once all the ingredients are combined, share and savor.

green smoothie

Avocado spinach smoothie

This avocado spinach smoothie is ideal for fitness and wellness devotees.
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Smoothie


  • 1 Blender


  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 cup mango cubes
  • 1/2 kiwi
  • 1/2 glass skim milk


  • Include all ingredients in your blender. Blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately.
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