How to build a capsule wardrobe

Have you been wondering what the definition of a capsule wardrobe is? This post will equip you with a thorough comprehension of a capsule wardrobe. Alongside a 5-step guide to help build a capsule wardrobe, hints, and fundamentals of what a newcomer should possess to start a capsule wardrobe.

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    Today, I am unveiling a distinctive way to make our lives simpler. Sifting through your closet to discard old items, developing your personal style, and ultimately constructing a capsule wardrobe.

    What is a capsule wardrobe?

    Should you be unfamiliar with this blog, you may not have encountered where I elaborated on a definition of a capsule wardrobe in a preceding post. Don’t fret… I shall rehash this here for you.

    We can think of a capsule wardrobe as a carefully assembled, interchangeable series of clothes that helps you create various ensembles.  

    Mainly, a capsule wardrobe grants you the ability to craft numerous modern ensembles with a minimal number of items of clothing.

    Why choose to start a capsule wardrobe?

    Building a capsule wardrobe has various benefits! Here they are:

    • Less clutter-

      At the outset of this post, we stated that constructing a wardrobe closet would necessitate some de-cluttering. By doing so, you perceive a decrease in the number of items in your closet. Therefore, your closet will be more organized.

    • Time-saving-

      When tidying up and arranging your favorite outfits, you will observe the significant amount of time you save by not having to sift through what you don’t desire each morning.

      You also don’t fritter away your mornings trying on multiple clothes items in search of something that looks and feels pleasant.

      The reduced selection of clothing items simplifies decision-making, resulting in a speedier method of choosing attire. Additionally, deciding what to wear is effortless when the choices are restricted to your favorites.

    • Personal style-

      It is indisputable that constructing a capsule wardrobe will necessitate identifying your style. Knowing what you need, what size and color suits you best, and most importantly, what clothes make you feel joyful is essential.

    • Saves money-

      The rising cost of living has made capsule wardrobes increasingly sought-after because they can also be a cost-saving measure. The concept is to procure a few essential pieces that will last for an extended period and can be combined to create numerous outfits.

    How to build a capsule wardrobe

    1. Perform a survey of your current wardrobe

    The initial step to fashioning a great capsule wardrobe is to examine your wardrobe. You must examine each item in your possession and determine what you adore and routinely don and what you have not employed over a prolonged period.

    For every article of clothing, inquire of yourself: When was the last occasion I donned this? If you haven’t donned it for a few months, that is a piece that adds to the muddle of your wardrobe.

    Also, contemplate your habits and lifestyle. This will provide invaluable insight into the type of apparel you often don. To illustrate, I do not possess many formal garments in my wardrobe. I reside and work in a place where you can traverse with your informal apparel everywhere. Also, I’m passionate about physical activity. Hence, certain activewear items are a must in my wardrobe.

    The clothes you require will depend on the tasks you are undertaking. 

    Once you have ruminated on this, assemble all your preferred apparel items and analyze why you adore them. This will assist you in determining your style, recognizing the hues that you are drawn to, discovering what silhouettes flatter you, and noting the fabrics you adore.

    2. Get rid of what you do not need

    Now that you have extracted what you need in your wardrobe, it’s time to discard it. You can either contribute those items or sell them and get a few coins back.

    3. Organize your matching outfits

    This blends in with a color scheme, and I am partial to neutral hues as they blend effortlessly with minimal effort.

    Despite your preferred shades, it’s time you compose outfits with hues that coordinate to make them more straightforward regarding dressing.


    4. Plan to get what might be missing

    When I refer to preparing for what might be absent, I am talking about ensuring you have a few essential items to build a capsule wardrobe.

    I emphasized this point to guarantee that you do not just get up and shop absentmindedly, as you may purchase what is not required and return to the same mess.

    Remember, the outfits we have already prepared offer a vivid image of what you may require.

    Record it, strategize your monetary investments, and purchase when the timing is opportune.

    5. Include the basics in your capsule wardrobe

    Here’s an example of those essential items you need in your capsule wardrobe.

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