Mom morning routine: 5 tips for a new mom

Creating a healthy mom morning routine is essential in our daily lives. Here are five effective tips to start a mom’s morning routine.

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Let’s, be realistic, moms. If we all didn’t have motherhood responsibilities, we most probably have a different morning routine.

For example, I bet you I’d walk out of bed whenever I feel like and not follow any schedule.

Unfortunately, we have to get up and do things. So we help ourselves stay on track, productive, and healthy.

So, mama, are you wondering how to create a morning routine? Worry no more, because I’ve got you!

Here’s a 5-step mom morning routine

1. Get up very early before your young ones

I understand when a mother says it’s not easy to get up early.

Of course, when you wake up in the night to change diapers, nurse, or do other things, the last thing you want to do is get up early!

But once you try it, you’ll see how important it is.

When you get up early, you start your day deliberately and get the housework out of the way.

As a result, you can enjoy a calm and relaxed morning.

2. Say a prayer

Now, before I run off to begin my day, let me not forget to pray to God, who has led me through the night and awakened me with the morning light.

A key point of morning devotions is to begin your day in worship. Taking time for a personal moment with God, especially in the morning before you tackle your day, can give you that moment of connection with God.

3. Stretch

I used to get up and get right to work on my chores. I didn’t realize how important it was to stretch right after I got up.

I’ve found that stretching in the morning releases all the tension and pain from sleeping the night before.

Not only that, but it also promotes blood circulation and prepares the body for the day ahead. 

Here are examples of stretches you should try in the morning:

  • Lateral Stretch. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and your hands clasped above your head.
  • Standing Quad Stretch. Here, stand up straight and hold onto the wall or a chair if needed.
  • Hamstring Stretch. Here you stand straight and bend one knee slightly as if you were going into a seated position.

4. Have a shower

We often speak of a shower when we think of cleanliness /self-care, but it’s more than that.

A morning shower also helps relieve muscle pain and relaxes your body. This leaves you less tense and refreshed to start the new day productively.

5. Take breakfast

You may not be a breakfast person, but in my opinion, a little bite is healthy.

As experts say, breakfast increases brainpower. Most of the time, when I missed breakfast, I had trouble staying focused and productive. If you’re lucky enough to have some, have a bite and start your morning with some power.

Final thoughts on mom morning routines

Mom morning routines are so important to set the tone for the day. If you wake up anxious, you end up having a stressed day. When you wake up at peace, it gives you strength and clarity for most of the day.

Join the discussion, and feel free to share your mom morning routine or what you’d like to add to these five tips.

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