How to make a face mask at home

Step by step guide on how to DIY or rather make a  mask at home.

fabric face mask

I thought that we’ve all been paying more attention to face masks than ever this past year. But, the truth is, many people have to wear masks at times for various reasons!

Thinking about it, and all of us, especially when we have to use these masks, I thought it was an excellent time to learn how to DIY face masks.

Now you may wonder why I have to spend so much time? I mean, you can buy one at your local store!

But, my dear, you can save yourself a few bucks, especially now that we don’t know when this nightmare will end.

And, not only that, but they are eco-friendly and fashionable; if you can make one, you can make several to match your clothes!

How to make a mask

1. Choose 2 pieces of fabric

2 pieces of fabric

One is for the outer part, while the other is for the lining. Are you wondering what kind of fabric to use? I recommend using cotton. The reason: cotton fabrics are tightly woven and washable.

In this case, I chose a floral one for covering and a plain white cotton fabric for the lining. 

2. Cut your fabric

We need one piece for the outer part and two pieces for the lining.

  • Outer fabric: 25cm by 20cm
  • The lining: 19cm by 14cm (x2)

3. On each lining, fold one side(1cm)

2 pieces of fabric

4. Sew those folds

A fabric fold running through a sewing machine

5. Join each of the other sides of the lining fabric to your cover fabric, as shown below

white fabric on top of a floral fabric
fabric and a sewing machine

6. Open both of your linings, turn the fabric to the other side, and iron


7. lean the two lining folds towards the inner side of the covering fabric

Then pinch the material from the outside, fold, and iron three times. (See photo below) This will keep them in place, and there’ll be no problems with sewing.

uncomplete face mask

8. Sew the two ends of your ironed folds

uncomplete face mask
fabric on running sewing machine

9. Fold and sew these two ends again (leaving a space for an elastic to pass-through

At this point, you can put the mask on your face and see how long your elastic needs to be.

Then use a pin to pull it in quickly.

face mask, pin, and an elastic band

And there you have your face mask made!

fabric face mask

However, if you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you don’t have to worry. In this post, you’ll find some ideas on how to make a mask without sewing.

Or, you can also get some affordable facemasks (made of fabric) online.

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