How to make tassel bracelets

There’s no doubt that tassel bracelets are popular in boho style and trending in other styles. Especially now in summer, many of you may have seen these bracelets and wondered how to make them!

tassel bracelet

You may think it’s hard to make tassel bracelets, but I bet you’ll be surprised by reading this article. The reason is that tassel bracelets are easy to make, and you need a few new items that are readily available and affordable worldwide.

So, let’s make yours today!

The Tassel Bracelets

To make this beautiful bracelet, all you need is the following;

  •  Beads (size and color are of your choice)
  • One jump ring – this is a ring you’ll use to make the chain for your bracelet. (see picture below)
  •  A stretching string (transparent if possible)
  • Thread/yawn (choose the color you like)
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry making pliers
  • Polyester golden thread or gold wire
  • Cardboard, phone, or a fork for if you prefer a short tassel
golden thread, scissors, pliers, knitting thread, beads

How to make the tassel bracelet

Step 1: Make four to six strands with your thread and put them into a jump ring, as shown below.


Step 2: Fold some thread around your phone (I did it 10 times)

thread around a phone

Note: Ensure you have the thread together so everything is in place for the next step.

Step 3: Now, use your scissors to cut the folded thread along one edge.

Step 4: Remember that skein you made in step 1? It’s time to use it. Tie it around your threads (see pictures below) to make a tassel. Make sure the jump ring is in the middle and facing up to get the string in the right direction quickly.


Step 5: Take the two sides of your threads and pull them down to join them. When you are finished, wrap the polystyrene thread or gold wire tightly around the top to form the “head” of the tassel. 

Step 6: Now carefully cut the tassel to the desired length, ensuring all ends are even.


Step 7: Pull the strings tightly together, and before tying them, enter your tassel inside one string, as shown below.

tassel bracelet

Step 8: Now, tie the strings well and cut the remaining edges. 

tassel bracelet

And you already own a homemade tassel bracelet! This bracelet only takes about an hour or even less to make, so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t try it.

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