Top 5 Kenyan Bloggers that you should follow

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Top 5 Kenyan Bloggers that you should follow

Being a Kenyan myself, I’ve noticed that many people know us of just being good in Marathon or planting tea. Well, it’s time I let them know that Kenyans blog too. Therefore, Here’s a list of my top 5 Kenyan bloggers.

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Kenyan bloggers

That said, I did a little research and saw that there are many Kenyan bloggers.

Unfortunately, most of them quit very early.

So if you’re looking forward to joining the blogging family, it’s good to learn a few things in this post and save yourself from giving up too.

5 Kenyan Bloggers

1. Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia is a well-known lady when it comes to fashion. But it’s not just about that; it’s about her passion for writing about lifestyle in general.

Her blog goes by the name; This Is Essential. They share many stories that inspire and enlighten you. I bet you’ll enjoy her blog and especially if you’re a woman.

this is essential lifestyle blog
2. Alix Grubel

Do you like to keep up with events? Then Alix’s blog is just the place for you.

Her Blog is known as KenyaBuzz. Here, you can find everything you’d wish to read about. From movies, events, lifestyle, and much more.

3. Wanjiru Njenga

Wanjiru is one of the most popular Kenyan bloggers who write about travel. On her blog, Wanjiru’s World, she shares with you about her travel destinations and all the tips you could need when it comes to traveling.

4. Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau is a luxury advisor PR and an Award-Winning Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.

Lucia’s blog is known as Lucia Musau. The blog is about topics related to style, fashion, and travel.

5. Cyprian Nyakundi

Last but not least, our favorite Cyprian Nyakundi. He is one among many Kenyan bloggers I dare not forget.

Business, news, politics, you name it: is worth reading the Cyprian’s blog.

Those were my top 5 Kenyan bloggers. But, mind you, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others.

The list can be endless, and who knows, you might be the one to make it longer!

So, are you ready to start a blog one day? If so, then keep reading this post.

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