Morning routines with toddlers

Let’s start by saying that it will never be perfect, mama! Sometimes morning routines with toddlers will work out, and things come up that ruin the plan. But all in all, it’s good to try what works best for you.

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I am asked this question every time I speak to my friends. How has she been doing since she was a toddler… and what is your morning routine?

And the answer is long. I have a lot to tell them because things have changed since she was 1 year old. And now that she’s going to kindergarten, even more so.

I’ll be honest – it’s not all smooth sailing. We argue for minutes about whether she can put on a jacket or the shoes she doesn’t want.

But dear mama, you know what? It works. Just try a few things here and there and see what works for you.

Note: Every family is different, and as you read the following tips, remember: If not all of my tips work for you, that’s okay too. You are doing good, mama!

The best routine is the one that works for you.

My morning routine with a toddler

6:00 - Wake up

I try to get up very early (6. am is fine for me). I run to the bathroom, take a quick shower and brush my teeth.

6:20 - Wake up my daughter

Brush your teeth and head straight to the kitchen for breakfast. This never takes long because they eat breakfast in kindergarten, so it’s easy for her.

6:40 - Wake up my daughter

Refresh her and dress to get ready to go out.

This usually passes because she wants to run up and down and maybe even watch some cartoon.

Even if that’s the case, I try to repeat the word kindergarten, so she understands we want to go out. I have found that most kids like to go out. So that is one of my tricks to help her accept getting dressed with ease. and even help bring shoes lol!

7:00 - Drive off to the kindergarten

Sometimes we (both parents) do it, and sometimes I miss dropping them in the morning when I have a lot planned for the day. But mostly, I do my best to attend to see how she’s doing and learn more from her teachers.

After that, I do my morning workout, breakfast, housework, work on the part of the internet (Zipporah Brathen) that I love, and do my studies. All of this is scheduled at different times during the day to fit it all in.

Pro tips to get those easy morning routines with toddlers

  1. Arrange the clothes for the morning the evening before.
  2. Pack their bag the night before. And pack a snack in the morning if needed.
  3. Get them used to a sleep routine, and in this case, sleep earlier, so it’s not too much trouble to wake them up in the morning.
  4. Plan everything else earlier. It always gets messy when we get up and do not know what to start with. So, dear reader, if you structure your day beforehand, you’ll avoid that chaos you do not want.

I hope you got something out of today’s topic: Morning Routines with Toddlers.

Now, back to you: What works for your morning routine? I’d love to hear more about how you plan your day – it’s always fun to hear how everyone structures their day.

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