My favorite facial cleansers

From face masks to favorite cleansers that help remove bacteria, debris, and excess oil, leaving your skin refreshed.

CeraVe cleanser, micellar cleansing water, the ordinary cleanser

Facts> Washing our face is essential to everyone’s skincare routine. Again, this needs to be clarified as cleansers come in various formulations for different skin types and needs.

 One thing that makes all those facial cleansers familiar is that they effectively clear the skin of makeup, dirt, and clogged pores.

To find your favorite cleanser, you need to consider your skin type, goals, and daily habits (just as choosing a facial mask). 

I use facial cleansers about two times a day, in the morning and once to start during my pm routine, and that’s how I came up with this list. I may have mentioned many, but I have rounded up to my top 5. Some I use every day, like Cerave foaming facial cleanser. Others, after every other day during the week.

Here we go!

Favorite face cleansers

Face cleanser #1 CeraVe foaming cleanser

This foaming gel face wash removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup. This face cleanser is my number 1 go-to because it’s gentle and doesn’t disrupt my skin’s natural protective barrier. That way, the skin is left soft and not so tight. It also has some moisturizing ingredients, which is a plus.

Face cleanser #2 CeraVe blemish control cleanser

CeraVe blemish control cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and smooth after use. It foams up nicely, is easy to use, and helped me clear up some spots I had before I started using it.

Face cleanser #3 Garnier micellar cleansing water

Easy to use facial cleanser! Pour some micellar water onto a cotton pad until it is soaked. Press the cotton pad on an area you want to cleanse, and gently swipe across your face to remove all impurities from your skin. You don’t need to rinse your face if you’ve thoroughly cleaned your look with the micellar water.

Garnier micellar water is gentle and highly effective for removing dirt, makeup, and oil while toning the skin. As well as being alcohol-free, it promotes skin hydration, reduces irritation, and smoothes your skin.

Face cleanser #4 The Ordinary squalane cleanser

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser is a gentle cleansing product ideal for makeup removal, it does well by leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Face cleanser #5 Bio-source softening cleanser

This face cleanser cleanses and supple the skin without dehydrating it. Additionally, it effectively illuminates skin and can be worn casually.

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