Motherhood confessions

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Here are motherhood confessions. If you’re a new mom and struggling with the new lifestyle, they’ll help you understand that you aren’t alone.

Dear moms, no need to beat about the bush. But, to be clear, or not to be misunderstood, remember that I love and adore being a mom.

I love every moment and every lesson I’ve learned through being a mother. That being said, there’re many sides to being a less enjoyable mother and, to be honest, pretty sucky. When I write this down, “Motherhood Confessions,” I believe every mother out there will relate to it, and more so, will have spoken on behalf of 1 or 2 of them.

mom and baby
Motherhood confession 1: Not proud of how my body looks

This is one of the difficulties we mothers, and especially first-time mothers, face. After all, no one feels good about going from the size they loved to what they didn’t expect, acne, a swelling belly, leaky breasts, and many other changes associated with childbirth.

You’ve already given birth and still look pregnant. You’re eating right, exercising, and still have that belly. I want to focus on the fact that we’ve bred a human being, and your body will not be the same.

It will be different; it will require a different diet, a new exercise program. This is the time to change things because just as your life will never be the same after birth, neither will your body. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time you need.

Motherhood confession 2: I miss my sleep

Sleep loss is a common, everyday experience after the arrival of a baby. However, if you are having trouble falling asleep or getting back to sleep, you should seek help. Addressing sleep problems as soon as possible can reduce your risk of postpartum depression.

Even though you’ll never get enough sleep at night, especially in the first few months when you have to get up and take care of your crying baby, change them, and nurse them.

For this reason, you’ll find yourself saying, “I miss my sleep.” And even more so, that you get cranky and very emotional about it. But, dear mama, accept that it will be that way for some time.

I always recommend when you have some time during the day to take a nap, it helps to relax and makes you feel like you have covered the time you were awake during the night.

Motherhood confession 3: I wish I have enough time to do me

Once you’re a mother, you’ll experience this. There’re many times where I’ve planned to do something for myself (some self-care) but end up either not doing it or doing it imperfectly.

But you know what I do? I don’t stress about it. Motherhood has taught me to be patient and go with the flow.

Since the biggest responsibility is to take care of the kids first, it’s good to let some things wait if it’s impossible to squeeze some time in between.

Motherhood confession 4: At times, I share the bed with my baby

Is it only I who prepared a beautiful bed and assumed that my little one would accept sleeping there? I don’t think so.

I’ve heard from a few moms who still struggle with their babies not sleeping in their beds. Unfortunately, that’s the case for me.

I’m not going to talk about an ago-long story now, but about an experience from last night! My dear Synnøve has decided that she’ll never leave my side. Not only that, but she doesn’t want to sleep properly anymore. I had a lot of kicks on my back, and the night was not good at all.

Dear Mom, this is motherhood. Even though research shows that you shouldn’t share your bed with your little one, I chose to ignore it. As young as she is, why should I let her keep screaming because she doesn’t want to sleep alone! 

Pro-tip: Keep your bed and sheets as clean as possible, and if possible, let her have her blankets. It’s all about taking care while you know someone is next to you.

Motherhood confession 5: I feel lonely

It’s so important to say that it’s possible to feel lonely even if you are never alone. That is, there’s always a child around you.

I haven’t felt like I was on an island once or twice, but I’ve found that finding another person to talk to is essential.

That person doesn’t have to be your best friend. They can be a friendly mom from the neighborhood, a person from social media, or other connections. Whoever it may be, it’s worth finding her. Tell her. Text/message her. Sometimes we need others to know that we need to vent, and that’s okay.

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