• blueberry beet smoothie

    Blueberry beet smoothie

    Delicious, creamy, and nutritious beetroot and frozen blueberry smoothie. This blueberry beet smoothie is made with just a few ingredients and takes 5 minutes to prepare. This is another one of my favorite smoothies that I like to make. And as…

  • butternut soup

    Delicious Butternut soup Recipe

    This homemade butternut soup is a simple, authentic meal that will fill you up! Not only is it creamy, but it’s delicious and healthy. Is soup a proper meal? I bet you’re wondering the same thing now! But let me reassure…

  • boots, leather jacket, bag, sweater and jeans

    5 must-haves for fall

    Autumn is here. And the weather is changing. That means your wardrobe is changing, too. Here are some of the 5 fall must-haves, or what you would prefer to call fall wardrobe-essentials. I bet you this is my favorite blog post.…

  • apple banana smoothie

    Apple banana smoothie

    This apple banana smoothie is thick, creamy, delicious, and quick to make with readily available ingredients. Not only that, but it’s the perfect energy booster smoothie that you’ll love. I’m going to go ahead and say that you all know by…

  • pink and white pom pom basket

    DIY pom pom basket

    An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a pom pom basket! I did this little DIY project for my daughter’s nursery. This cheerful and colorful DIY pom pom basket was made in one evening, and all you need are three…