Reflections in a time of quarantine

Quarantine reflections: It’s been a year since a quarantine was imposed. Despite all the hardships, it’s good to have a little introspection.

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We wouldn’t believe it if we were all told that this mystery would last a year or more. The other day, I sat down and thought, oh wow, it’s true. We’ve been in quarantine for a year now.

Even though I do all my chores from home (i.e., motherhood, writing, and studying), I feel the same way as the other person who had to quit their job at the office and work from home.

Nonetheless, despite the hardships that have come with this pandemic and all of us trying to embrace the new lifestyle, I can say that I’ve also learned something that I’ll share in this post today.

Quarantine/ A year with covid reflections

1. Friends are important

Are you wondering why the UN came up with an international friendship day?

No matter how we say we can do everything on our own, on the other hand, friendships are essential for survival. With the coronavirus pandemic’s isolation, I realized what those moments of catching up with a friend or two often really meant.

Dear reader, I think you may have felt the same way. Even if you chat with them on social media, you still miss their presence.

Passion for writing

Did you know I started writing blogs long before 2020? Oh yeah … you could call it confession time!

It was long before I became a mom. But I didn’t have the motivation to keep going.

Surprisingly, I started Zipporah Brathen right after the pandemic, and it’s become my happy place ever since. But, as I talk about quarantine reflections, this is one thing I couldn’t dare to forget.

I look at the situation positively, which means I started this blog when I advocated for my passion.

The primary motivation was that I saw the new lifestyle of my fellow women through my own experiences. For example, I saw the lives of new moms who might be struggling to adjust to being a mom with no one around due to the pandemic. Therefore, I put Zipporah Brathen (my passion for writing) into action.

Dear woman, do you feel the same way? Maybe you’re in a situation where you are a stay-at-home mom or unemployed. Use this chance to think of the one thing you have a passion for and haven’t had time to pursue until now.

3. Finding possibilities to enjoy home

Believe me; no one enjoys being at home or in any form of mobility restriction for an entire year!

But for the past year, we’ve all had no choice. We all try to adhere to lockdown and quarantine restrictions (to protect every one of us).

They say, “even in tough times, you can always see a silver lining.” So if you are home during quarantine, try to keep busy and find fun things to do.

Folks, here are some things I do to escape this quarantine mood that are worth trying:

  • Workout
  • Decorating
  • Decluttering
  • Organizing
  • Reading and writing

Whatever it might be, it can help you feel good and relax while you stay home all day.

4. Jobs are not permanent

Still with me on quarantine reflections? Good. Even if, at times, they call it a “permanent job,” there’s no such thing in reality.

Look at it this way: how many people who had a job lost it during this challenging time? I can tell you from experience in my household.

Although my husband worked for a particular company for a long time, he nearly lost it. Nevertheless, he was terminated for five good weeks. Since then, we’ve always been tense, wondering what will happen the next day.

Now that I’m talking about it, maybe you’ve done a little soul-searching of your own: Or you may have seen someone close to you go through the same thing. So let’s take this as a lesson in learning to love and appreciate our jobs because things can take a turn.

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