5 Ways to spring clean your life

Spring is here, and it’s not just about house cleaning. Here are five great ways to help you spring clean your life.

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One thing you may know or think of when you hear the word spring is cleaning. I mean dusting the carpets that haven’t been washed all winter, the bedspreads, or the whole house.

While thinking about the word cleaning, I realized that all life areas need cleaning, just like our homes. And why? Look around a bit, and you’ll find out why.

How to spring clean your life

1. Let go of toxic friendships

We all have that one friend who brings sunshine to the darker parts of our lives. But on the other hand, some friendships seem worthless.

I don’t mean to be rude but think of it this way. Do you have a friend who never calls you unless you do, or they don’t seem to be there whenever you need them? A friend who seems to drag you down instead of motivating you and positively affects your attachment? These are the types of friendships that need a spring cleaning.

Dear reader, gone are the days when we hold on to people who don’t need us just because we’re afraid of hurting them. Sometimes it’s good to think of yourself too and what that’s worth to you. And mind you, it might be better for both parties.

2. Do a thorough cleaning on your devices

Ah! It’s the 21st century, where no one writes letters or even keeps photos in their albums anymore. With access to smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets, we can store all our daily memories on these devices.

However, we continue storing things that we don’t need or are no longer worth looking at. Maybe a photo of your ex, an email where you got fired from work, a message from a friendship that ended badly? Whatever it may be, it’s time to clean up! Why risk torturing yourself with the past.

You may have apps or other things that are filling up your device’s memory. Delete apps you don’t need and organize the rest to match your user behavior: put your most essential apps on the home screen and organize them into categories that make sense to you.

3. Reflect on your habits

For example, I did a little review of my habits. I found that I had resolved to stop putting sugar in my tea, but that didn’t make a difference. What’s my point? Have you decided to keep or change certain daily habits? This spring might be a good time to reflect and see if it worked.

That way, you can celebrate every little success. Not only that but realize how much you did right, the good things you did in your life. Without reflection, it’s too easy to forget those things and focus on our failures instead.

4. Reflect on the past year

As I shared the year in a review post on Quarantine, it occurred to me that the past year was very memorable for most of us. Unfortunately, not for the good things, but for the suffering we encounter worldwide.

Still, this isn’t the only year to reflect on. I believe that any year in our lives is worth reflecting on. Ask yourself: how are things going? What can I do better to move forward? What do I need to let go of? The answers to these questions will open your eyes and help you work on the required changes in your life.

5. Build your inner peace

Lastly, ways to spring clean your life are to build your inner peace. In case you’re wondering, inner peace means mental serenity despite the possible presence of stressors, such as the burden of pretending to be someone else might disturb your inner peace.

Building inner peace allows us to face life with an open heart and mind and keep our eyes on what’s important to us, eliminating negative influences. In this state, the mind is calm, and you experience a sense of happiness and freedom.

Sometimes life slips away from us, and we can’t catch up. In such a case, it’s good to accept the current situation and say to ourselves, “It’s okay.” So let’s do our best and see the positive at the end of the day. I hope these five tips are of some help to you as you spring clean your life.

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