5 tips to stay organized with a toddler

Stay organized with kids.

basket with baby toys

Sometimes I say having a toddler or kids comes with a mess, lol! Maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know what I’m talking about if you’re a mom.

Organize, and in a second, everything is everywhere.

In my case, my daughter is constantly exploring. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to know what exactly she wants to play with.

From her toys to mum’s dumbbells to the kitchen drawers e.t.c

With all this in mind, it’s no shock that the house can be messy at times.

But even if we have kids, it’s not good to leave the mess lying around 24/7

Instead, find solutions that will help without keeping your child from enjoying and playing.

That’s why I stacked 5 of my tips, and I hope they will help a mom battle the clutter stress out there.

5 ways to stay organized with kids

Use locks on drawers and cupboards

These have been good with helping keep her away from the under the sink cupboard.

Therefore, if you have noticed that your toddler is after that one cabinet, and you fear that she/he will pour or even eat someone that isn’t good, getting a few of these would be better.

It will save you from chasing them from one place over and over again.

Use baskets or plastic organizers

Using baskets and containers to organize is one of my go-to methods to help stay organized with a toddler.

The reason being, I find them very easy for the kid to learn to put the toys back themselves.

Separate the toys they love the most from the ones they rarely use

When organizing things in the basket, I noticed that she doesn’t use some things at all. Instead, she throws them around the house as she’s trying to get to her favorites.

Could this be the case for you as well? If so, it’s ideal if you keep the things they enjoy in another basket. This way, you’ll help yourself with cleaning up some fewer messes.

Learn them how to organize

baby arranging toys

Kids are always excited and like to do something with you. Gather and organize for a few days, and with no time, you’ll see them do the same.

It’s the same as when you see the kids taking the plates to the sink after dinner. That’s how early they learn, and of course, with a bit of teaching from the parents.

Clean up after playtime

Mom, I didn’t tell you to run after them when they pull something out.

Instead, you’ll harm yourself by doing so. You’ll be tired and frustrated because you’ll feel like you’re doing the same thing, to no avail.

I mean that you know that you might go to lunch, nap, or even go outside when the kids have finished playing. So always try to clean up by putting things in their proper place.

All in all, I believe we create valuable memories by playing with our children.

Please don’t let the fear of a messy home stop you from doing so. Hopefully, these five tips will help you stay organized with kids.

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