9 ways I’m practicing self-care this summer

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It’s summer, babe! You’ll probably be seeing the word “summer” until the end of August. So today, we’re talking about summer self-care.

woman at the beach

There has never been a summer season longed for as the summer of 2021.

While things haven’t quite returned to normal yet, we can agree that it’s different than last year.

Governments have started to loosen restrictions, more people are getting vaccinated, and with that, more hope that this mystery will soon come to an end.

In light of this situation, people travel to their cabins, others to the beach, or other dream vacation destinations.

With all that is happening this season, some of us feel like we are missing out!

Are you one of them? Please learn to try different things that not everyone does. Or, as I say, learn to love your life for what it is!

In this post, I share 7 ways I'm practicing self-care this summer. I hope you can get a few tips and inspiration.

Note: They have nothing to do with flying abroad or lying on a beach. It’s just a few simple routines to flip or upgrade your regular routine during this time of year.

Summer self-care # Get social

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an anti-social person, but I’ve noticed that some of us get depressed when we stay inside for long periods of time or don’t socialize with friends.

That’s why I personally think it’s ideal for taking advantage of this fair-weather season to get together with friends. Share stories about how life has gone since we saw each other.

And, if there’s something that happened during this season, we share it.

It will not only help get some relief, but we may have that friend’s shoulder to cry on, an arm to lay on, and even words of encouragement that will help us feel good again.

Exercise outside # Take my workout outside

Personally, I’m a fan of working out at home. And, for that matter, indoors.

But this summer, I’m with you.

I’m taking it outside.

woman walking

Exercise outside # Watch the sunrise or set

Just as others find their peace in the sound of water or birds, I find mine in watching the sunrise and set.

I didn’t necessarily understand how this affected my well-being until I moved to a country with four seasons and saw how long dark days get to me.

I’ve noticed that it helps to lift my mood and start and end the day peacefully.

Exercise outside # Sitting outside and meditating

Sitting outside in the summer is a typical thing here.

Of course, with long cold weather, shorter days, and snow, who doesn’t want to sit outside and get vitamin D.

But not only sit, but also switch off, close your eyes and meditate!

This works well against depressive moods, connects you to your inner self, promotes self-discovery, increases emotional intelligence, increases self-awareness, increases gratitude, and improves sleep.

So there’s no way I’m letting this slide!

Exercise outside # Grill

I don’t know where you live, but grilling is the one activity you have to do in the summer here in Norway.

And mind you, it’s still a form of summer self-care. Spending time outdoors with my family and enjoying different food brings joy.

Not only that but seeing my daughter and her father practice their Norwegian culture while I am a part of it creates memorable moments that we all want to keep.

Exercise outside # Reorganise my home

In case you didn’t know, I’m also addicted when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Every time I get a new decor piece, I always give our rooms a different look until I feel like this is the best one.

Although that’s the case, I’m also amazed at how it makes me feel.

So that’s one thing I couldn’t leave out while we talk about summer self-care.

Exercise outside # Plant something

strawberry plantation

Since nothing grows outside in the winter, do it differently in the warmer months.

Maybe flowers, or even vegetables.

You don’t have to have a big garden. You can plant your little things in containers or small nurseries.

For example, I already have some spring bulbs at the back of our house that I planted last summer.

I love the feeling of just picking my produce and using it in my homemade meals.

This time I have some strawberries that aren’t ripe yet, but I can’t wait to have them so I can enjoy a healthy strawberry smoothie like this!

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