Tips and tricks to help lose baby weight

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Here are 5 great tips and tricks to help every mom lose the baby weight. They are doable and practical.

woman wearing sport clothes

But first, a reminder:

You are still beautiful no matter the changes that come along with motherhood.

There’s no doubt that it’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy. The big worry and sometimes stress among us mothers is losing the baby weight.

Am I talking to a stressed and tired mother who’s struggling to find possible solutions to lose the baby weight? Well, you’re not alone.

I can relate to what you’re going through, as I’ve been in the same shoes (and still I am up to date).

So, I decided to share these tips with you and hopefully make your journey to losing baby weight much more effortless.

5 tips to help lose baby weight

1. Control the sugary cravings you had while pregnant

Without beating around the bush, sweets are at the top of the cravings list for most of us moms when we’re pregnant.

I bet you it’s hard to control during pregnancy, and our partners can be enablers as they want us to get everything we want during this time, but on the flip side, we gain a lot of weight during this time.

Even though that might be the case, I think it’s easy to control, especially if you want something so badly. In this case, it is losing baby weight.

Please stop with the cravings. Take your meals often to avoid the urge to snack.

2. Exercise

Dear Mom, I’m not asking you to go to the gym or run a marathon the next day after giving birth.

As you can understand, at this point, you’re still in pain, tired, and therefore need some time to heal. Please let that happen for now.

Once you feel good and strong again, start doing some light exercise. This could be:

  • 15 min daily walk
  • Kneeling pelvic tilt exercises
  • High knees

Believe me, as you continue practicing this and even another kind of exercise that you might like, you’ll see some change.

3. Eat healthy

Not once or twice have I seen people freak out just because they heard “eat healthily.” The reason is that they think you’re asking them to eat expensively.

If you might be one of them, I’m going to change your thinking today in a good way. I define healthy eating as “Eating exactly what you know is right for your body.”

In this case, try eating more fiber. As you read through this post, you’ll learn about a few sources of fiber.

Also, you can shift your focus to protein and avoid eating too many carbs.

4. Stay hydrated

When you hear about hydration when it comes to mothers, you think it’s related to breastfeeding. I can assure you that it was no different for me.

But that’s why I like to read and research. I learned that science shows that drinking water can facilitate weight loss and promote other positive health outcomes.

This information encouraged me to make sure I get to keep track of how much I drink water. Not only to help in milk production but also help lose the baby weight.

Learn more: Reasons why drinking water may help you lose weight

5. Breastfeed (If possible)

Last but not least, on the tips that help lose baby weight is breastfeeding.

This is a point I’ve been fighting with my inner self on whether or not to include it.

Here’s why. I felt like it might offend a mom out there who’s not able to breastfeed.

But dear mama, DON’T STRESS ABOUT IT! It’s just a bonus.

Just because you can’t breastfeed doesn’t make you any less of a good mom. We are all the same.

On the other hand, if you have the privilege of having breast milk, take advantage of it.

Breastfeeding not only helps protect our babies, but it also helps get rid of the fat and calories produced during pregnancy.

I hope these 5 tips and tricks help you lose the baby weight. 

Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, play your part and let it take place gradually.

Also, understand why you want to lose weight. If you are approaching it from “I want to be healthier,” then you should do it, Mother.

If your *why* is that you think you need to be thinner or more likely to be small because you think people will appreciate you more or because society says so, you need to learn to love yourself regardless of your weight. As I said above, “You are beautiful no matter what you have.”

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