5 Things to do when you’re feeling “MEH”

Do you have days where you are feeling meh and wondering what to do? Here are five helpful tips to keep you inspired in such moments

I don’t think I’m the only one who sometimes refers to these feelings as “meh.” There’s one LOT in the world, especially in the last year.

Juggling being a wife, mom, mommy blogger, and more doesn’t make things easy!

Sometimes it feels like we can’t “turn it off,” and the day ends up being bust. But anything is possible.

Wondering how? Let’s get started!

1. Catch some sleep

According to some somnologists, getting enough sleep can make you feel better because your energy improves, your mood improves, and your ability to focus increases.

Reading this from somnology books, I can relate. I used not to know what to do when I felt terrible. At first, I realized it might be because I couldn’t get enough sleep, which made me feel bored and uninterested in doing anything.

I learned to try to get some sleep when I could. I recommend doing the same if you can, as it really refreshes your mind and gets you back on track.

2. Pamper yourself

You don’t need a wellness trip to feel better. Just do a few little things that you enjoy from home. The reason I mention “from home” is because you might want to go out and that’s hardly possible these days. Don’t let that depress you.

If you love looking good, practice doing your own makeup at home. With Youtube and Pinterest, you can do almost everything yourself these days. Please take advantage of all the tutorials out there and make it fun.

Not just about makeup… everyone has different interests, so whatever it may be, enjoy it and treat yourself to the best to help stop feeling meh.

3. Listen to music

What would life be like without music!?

I have yet to meet a person who says they feel bad when they listen to good music. The reason is that it plays a huge part when it comes to therapy. Every time you listen to music you like, it reduces depressive symptoms and anxiety and improves your functionality. Therefore, it’s one of the best things you can do when you are feeling down.

4. Declutter your space

Whether at home or work, it pays to clean up when you’re feeling down.

Have you ever noticed that inner chaos can be debilitating and perceived as boredom? But external chaos can also cripple our productivity and cause us to feel bored.

When you declutter, you’ll feel more productive – you’ll actually tidy up, throw away unnecessary items, and sort through those that remain. Not only does this improve your productivity, but it also reduces stress and anxiety that can make you feel lousy.

4. Exercise

Exercise is like magic. When you exercise, you feel good, look better, and change your attitude.

At times like this, turn on youtube and get motivated to do it on your own from home. I usually enjoy watching and working out with SELF.

You can also download a workout app. There are several of them out there—for example, Runastic and Daily Burn.

5. Connect with others

At this time, I know that there are people who feel that if they don’t get together with someone soon, they will go crazy. That’s the case with all of us. We miss seeing friends, family members, and other people we are used to being around. Nonetheless, don’t let yourself feel meh.

Try to be social as much as possible, and you’ll find it lifts your spirits.
Connecting with other people is one of the best things we can all do. Whether it’s online, or if you are lucky enough not to be locked in, in person.


I hope these five things to do will help you when feeling Meh. Did you like the post? Please share it with a friend, and you’ll help inspire someone who has been wondering what to do. 

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