What’s being like becoming a mom during coronavirus

Becoming a new mom during coronavirus is challenging at the best of times. Here is the ultimate guideline of how it is like and how to cope.

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Becoming a new mom can be difficult for every one of us. It presents a whole new challenge during coronavirus – especially when it’s separating us from our parents, close relatives, and friends.

Are you a new mother who has given birth in these trying times? Or even know someone in your circle who has become a mother? Let’s bond with this post as I share what the journey has been like from my own experience.

1. Delayed clinic visits

Is it just me that visits to the baby clinic have been postponed because of the pandemic? I don’t think so!

When you’re a new mom, you are so excited when it comes to visiting the clinic. That’s because it gives you happy feelings to see the progress in your baby’s growth.

Yet, this isn’t the case for those of us who became new moms during Coronavirus.

I know some have been frustrated, but again, prevention is better than cure. Take it as it comes because this is done to protect you and your baby.

2. No help from those who would offer it

This is something I’ve thought about for a long time. Even if you could argue that you could do it on your own, no one would turn down help right after giving birth.

Even though I gave birth in another country where things are different, I have always imagined what it’s like for new mothers from my home country (Kenya).

In Kenya, it’s so common that after you give birth, your girlfriends come and cook and clean for you until you get your strength back. And I bet you that’s not so common anymore since the pandemic started.

As a new mother, you may find it difficult to adjust to motherhood. The reason is that you are so exhausted and maybe imagining life as a mother in a negative way.

Nevertheless, things in life won’t always be easy. You’ll encounter challenges along the way. Therefore, you should learn to stay positive and strong.

3. The baby takes a long time to get to know some of the family members

There’s no doubt that we’ve also been separated from our family members during this time of Coronavirus.

With the lockdown and curfews not to visit other counties, your child may not have the opportunity to see their grandparents or other relatives.

In this case, I’d recommend using social media as I do. Send pictures and make video calls to connect even if you can’t meet in person.

4. Lack of companionship, which can lead to depression in some mothers

Where I live, there are women’s groups set up for mothers who are giving birth at the same time. These groups are set up to empower women, share experiences and walk the motherhood journey together.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to meet them due to the pandemic, I believe they are necessary. Safety first!

I assume this is the case everywhere else as well. New moms don’t have the opportunity to meet other moms or women to talk to about their experiences and encourage each other.

To alleviate this challenge, at least for the time being, follow mommy blogs like Mommy On Net that discuss motherhood, or join mommy groups on Facebook.

Final say on becoming a new mom during coronavirus

Despite the hardships we face during the coronavirus period, new mothers, let’s enjoy motherhood and embrace it fully.


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