Winter capsule wardrobe (Essential pieces to help through the cold season)

Simply put, a Capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes that can be put together in a variety of ways and contain everything you usually need to wear. That being the case, you’ll notice that this post on the winter capsule wardrobe will repeat some fall pieces that you can also wear and keep you warm with another layer.

puffer jacket, knit sweater, boots, jeans

Although temperatures dropped a few weeks ago, we can say that winter has just officially begun. That is, on December 21st. And it will last formally until March 20th next year.

So, dear reader, if you think it’s too late to jump on this topic, it’s not. So it’s just the perfect time.

I will do a slight accent: By sharing my winter wardrobe with you. I’ve cut down on time it takes me to get my daughter ready for kindergarten in the morning and still make sure I’m not late for work.

It saves time and makes sure you’re not late for your daily chores. Or, for some of us who like to nap, you can take a nap and sleep an extra 5 minutes.

It doesn’t matter whether we spend all day indoors, go out to get things done, or just run a few errands here and there; a few key points are that a winter look needs to be both warm and practical.

For example, before I moved to an icy country, I always wondered how I’d look good in this particular season. And I think you may have asked yourself the same question. The answer is that you can still look stylish even if you have to dress warmly.

And this post provides you with proof of that. I’ve rounded up a few pieces from my winter wardrobe that help me get through the season and stay stylish. At the same time, you’ll learn where you can find these pieces to give you even more information. Happy reading and happy shopping!

Winter capsule wardrobe

1. Knit sweater

A knit sweater is one of those pieces you came across in the fall post. A knit sweater is an excellent piece to have under your coat and still keep up that style that you want. 

Where to find them

grey knit sweater

2. Knit dress

A knit dress is that one piece that gives dress lovers a chance to rock dresses during the cold season.

Where to find them

3. Puffer jacket

Who doesn’t love a puffer jacket? The good thing is that you can find them long, short, fitted, hooded, or as a scarf coat – perfect for the chilly days ahead!

Where to find them

4. Boots

We can’t mention the winter capsule wardrobe without mentioning boots. Whether they are ankle boots, knee boots, or thigh boots, they are a must for the cold season.

Where to find them

5. Jeans and leggings

Although jeans are trendy at any time of the year, we can’t resist mentioning them here.

For example, if you’re a lover of ankle boots, you’ll find that straight-cut jeans and skinny jeans go well.

Moreover, cropped flare jeans also go well with ankle boots and Chelsea boots.

Where to find them

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